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Michigan to Mississippi, by the numbers.

931 miles.
160 miles driven on the Natchez Trace. For anyone who hasn’t driven on the Natchez Trace, it’s a slow, scenic drive with very inconsistent cell phone service. The scenery is very similar to northern Michigan.
10 phone calls.
1 state driven through by surprise. Hello, Alabama.
3 gas stops.
33.67 miles per gallon, on average.
1 nap taken with the window rolled down at a rest stop in Kentucky.
2 potted plants in the car with me.
2 caffeinated beverages drank.
4 cheese pies eaten.
1 Chipotle burrito bowl eaten.

Two Tickets

While I was waiting for my flight from Detroit to New Orleans, they announced that they were looking for other volunteers to take a later flight to New Orleans, since our flight was overbooked. My family volunteered, and three of us waited for a different flight, with Delta. Spirit gave me two vouchers for free round-trip tickets.

So now I have two tickets that I have to use in the next year, that are totally free. Where should I go? My ideal destination is somewhere where lodging/food will be pretty affordable – even though I have free tickets, I don’t have a mountain of cash to spend while I’m there.

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