July Money Challenge: Week One

Saturday, July 1
$1.oo – a basil plant at the farmer’s market.

 Sunday, July 2

$90.28 – a week’s worth of groceries and a bunch of other stuff – new headphones, a spatula, dish towels, a cast iron skillet and a saucepan. $41.41 of the total was non-food.

$2.99 – the This American Life app in the Google Play store. I bought the same app years ago on my iPhone, but now I have an Android. 

$12.31 – a shower curtain and shower curtain rings, since my roommates moved out.

Monday, July 3

No spending!

Tuesday, July 4

$6.31 – Coffee for myself and a friend.

$14.97 – Alcohol

Wednesday, July 5

No spending! 

Thursday, July 6

$7.50 – Lunch

$22.64 – Gas

$6.30 – Gelato

Friday, July 7

No spending!