July Money Challenge: Week Three

The nachos were great.

My spending this week is a little different than normal, because I’ve spent most of the week traveling. I went to Michigan for my cousin’s wedding, and when I got back to Mississippi, I went to Delta State University to volunteer at Teach For America’s Kick-Off.

Saturday, July 15

No spending!

Sunday, July 16

$6.89 – Chipotle burrito bowl

$4.23 – Latte at the airport

$45.00 – Parking at the New Orleans airport. This is about $13.00 more than it normally would be, because the less expensive parking lots were full when I flew out.

Monday, July 17

$5.98 – Nachos

Tuesday, July 18

$14.69 – Going out with friends

Wednesday, July 19

$9.00 – Going out with friends

Thursday, July 20

$14.00 – Paid a friend back for gas money

Friday, July 21

No spending!