July Money Challenge


This July, I’m embarking upon a monthly money challenge – I’m going to share all my spending, on my blog, for the entire month.

Why am I doing this? I’m a personal finance nerd – I don’t blog about it on here much, but I’m always reading about how other people spend money, save money, and think about money. I also had a pretty spendy June – in part, because I went to Michigan, and in part because of irregular expenses that came up close together.

I want to do a reset – not resetting to some kind of obsessively frugal lifestyle, but spending less and making sure I’m only spending money on things that matter to me. Since it’s summer break, I have more mental energy to expend on setting myself up with good habits, which I’ll hopefully carry into the school year.

Every week of the month, I’ll write about how much I’ve spent, and what I’ve spent money on. I won’t include my rent or my utility bills in this – this is about examining the money I spend on coffee, groceries, library fines and clothes, not about the money I spend to keep the lights on and keep a roof over my head.

Total transparency – let’s see what happens!

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  • Magen Lindstrom

    July 11, 2017

    This is really interesting Samantha. Jeff and I have felt this summer as an extra spendy one and have been trying to reset ourselves. Thanks for the insight!

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