Summer at RePublic

Last week, I started my summer fellowship at RePublic Schools! I’ve mostly been working at Smilow Prep, but I’m going to spend the majority of my time at ReImagine Prep, which was the first charter school to open in Mississippi.

My fellowship is an operations position, and most of the work I’ve been doing is preparing the space and materials for students to arrive in August. On the first day, we unpacked and set up all the Chromebooks, above. Today, I affixed college flags to the walls in all of the classrooms, which was more challenging than I expected.

It’s been interesting to see the ways in which RePublic runs differently than a public school – they face different challenges with their buildings, their curriculum, in relating to parents and building school culture. I’m hoping to use this summer to gain a better understanding of what’s working for RePublic, and try to bring some of that into my school in August.